The benefits of early learning

Attending a good quality Day Care can help keep your children healthy and happy. It enables them to develop skills which are required for being successful at school and outside of a school as well. It can help children improve their social and communication skills, and that is not all your childhood learn pre literacy skills which include basic math and English. Children develop an awareness of the environment and the roles that different people have to play in it.

However before you enrol your child in a day care program it is important to know that not all programs are equal. Even if they are offering similar services these can actually vary in quality. It is important that you take a tour of different Day Care programs in your area and then choose a place which is best for your child. However when you choose day care the gap, you can rest assured that your child is in safe hands. The following are few reasons why you must consider sending them over to The Gap.

The program offered at Play & Learn, The Gap is in compliance with all the licensing regulations and meets the standards for health and safety care. The program is accredited and is associated with the National Association for the education of young children.

The environment at the gap is bright and colourful and is an inviting place for young ones. It is designed keeping the children in mind and all the furniture is child sized. The materials are easily accessible and the displays are set at the child’s eye level. There are plenty of toys and materials that are age appropriate and enjoyed by children.

Also the day care has an open door policy where parents are welcome to drop by and visit whenever they wish. Usually parents are encouraged to participate in the program planning events and are also regularly informed about their child’s progress or any new experiences that they are going through in childcare. The caregivers are trained and experienced in working with children and are also responsible for interacting on a one-on-one basis with the child in a warm and responsive manner. The usual ratio for adult to children is 1 is to 3 for toddlers and one is to 5 for children at preschool level. The staff at the gap make sure that they only use positive discipline techniques and the child care admin ensurea that the relationship between the caregiver and your child is consistent and nurturing.

Children are provided plenty of opportunities for free play and there is also a balance between quiet and active time. The program reflects a sensitivity and respect for people coming from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Also the activities are aimed to promote growth in different areas of development including physical, social, emotional and cognitive process.

Make sure that you visit Day care at the gap to get a better idea of what your children would be enjoying and how it would be helpful in their overall development.

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