Men at home and women at work: if it is only her to make money in the family

It was very rare, if not impossible, that it was the woman who worked and kept everyone, but things are progressively taking a different turn.

Accomplishing a change in customs , but also the economic crisis , the men who make housewares are constantly increasing, while women are in charge of economic support. According to ISTAT , families in which only women are working are growing: if in 2008 they were 1.7 million, in 2014 they became 2.4 million.

As we said, one of the factors that favored this trend was the economic crisis , which hit the sectors that usually employ male labor more heavily. For women, on the other hand, it was relatively easier to keep one’s job or find a new one (even though they have to deal with lower average discriminations and salaries, but this is another story), finding themselves the only breadwinner in family. However, it would be wrong and misleading to believe that the crisis is the only reason that led to a turnaround .

Of course, sometimes living with only one wife’s salary is a necessity, but more and more often it happens to be a choice. Compared to the past, women are on average more educated and even more emancipated , and it is obvious that they seek their own realization even outside the walls of their homes. After all, that the woman should be the angel of the focolare and that it is up to the man to bring the bread home is a social imposition, which very often does not take into account the nature of the individual persons. But there are enterprising women, ambitious, who love their independence and their work, as there are men who are more natural to take care of the house, cooking and caring for children. And is it not better to get rid of stereotypes once and for all and live more serene?

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